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tanggero's Journal

tama na yan, inuman na
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a doujinshi group doing fandoms we love
Tagay (táh-ghây)

Tagay is a drinking custom practiced in the Philippines where the participant drinkers sit in a circle and take turns drinking from one glass. The tanggero is the head of the tagay and, as custom, is the one who opens the bottle, pours the drink into the glass, and passes it to the next drinker. The first pour is always offered to ancestors long gone (anito). The succeeding drinks are then given to the participants. Depending on different parts of the country, this can be used for courting, for arranging marriages, for debating, and—of course—for simply socializing.

Tagay is also a doujinshi group composed of three people (so far). We are based in the Philippines and are only starting out with our doujinshis. The fandoms we are doing are numerous and may also be varied, depending on our mood. Please watch out for our works!

Notice: Please feel free to friend the community, but joining is limited only to the members of the doujinshi. Thanks!
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